Systems Yoga with Narayan


 Is your yoga practice a system?

There are many reasons people come to yoga and meditation, not the least of them is to gain physical or mental health, to find relief from emotional pain, or to feel freer. The power and the beauty of yoga, the psycho-spiritual tradition of India, is how it acknowledges the uniqueness of every seeker's path, while not overlooking the less obvious truths of life's natural orders.

I like to suggest "Yes, we are all individual snowflakes, yet that's all frozen water." 

The yogic way to health and happiness prescribes means to develop a balanced concentrated awareness that witnesses the open, flowing, living system we are experiencing, slowly unifying all dimensions of human experience, and even eventually, maybe even inevitably transcending them!  Systems-thinking and yoga taken to their conclusion, demonstrate there are no separate ‘parts’ at all. The art and science of traditional yoga offer a path to uncover the Supreme Self or Truth and asserts this self-knowing as the ultimate medicine. Systems concepts illuminate the lack of independent parts, by focusing on relationships and interdependence.

A very lovely therapeutic model of yogic practice has evolved out of the focus on postures as well as physical and mental health benefits in our modern times yet much of the classical philosophical foundations of yoga philosophy still offer the newer model its greatest potential.

All too often I see fragmented yoga practices, hastily assembled together, that are at best band-aid solutions, and at their worse counterproductive or even harmful to health. Miss-steps in practice can be avoided as a holistic approach to health and wellness is developed with the systematic understanding, experience, and examination of how all areas of our life are interrelated by systems, and unified by consciousness.  From the beginning, (in conjunction with your health care providers when warranted) we must make certain understandings explicit in order to utilize holistic yogic thinking, practices and systems tools.  

As an experienced yoga teacher, grounded in classical yogic knowledge and inspired by modern life,  guiding the process step by step, I will customize disciplines and practices to amplify your personal and/or group health and vitality in a safe, methodical, and holistic way. (Click here to see a list of some of Narayan's education, training and certifications)


What I Offer: Slow Medicine but Deep.


In the Service of your (W)holiness

Private and Group Sessions Yoga

I offer private instruction assisting practitioners to gain insight into deeper levels of meditative awareness and body-mind connection. As a well-rounded and experienced instructor, I am able to individualize an approach to Yoga where we co-create a program customized for you and your stage of life. I take this process seriously and so should you. We begin with an initial consultation to consider your health history and current fitness goals, health concerns, and or challenges. Using holistic health concepts of Yoga and Ayurveda, I endeavor to understand your natural constitution and support it,  and if needed, how you may be imbalanced or the tendencies that take you out of balance. From this starting point, I will develop a yoga practice plan for especially for you. Realistic lifestyle adjustments, as well as dietary adjustments, possible herbal recommendations, as well as a systematic holistic yoga program, will be part of your personalized Whole Yoga Therapy Health Program

My customized plan offers the attention to your uniqueness often necessary to get past the irregularity of studio practice, the unpredictability of life, and stubbornness of habitual patterns. By creating clear goals within a system I will teach you to utilize and understand, you will be able to optimize your health, reduce stress, elevate your practice and thrive.  The effectiveness and beauty of our one-on-one work are based entirely on your needs.  We will enter the path where you are, and create a practice that is sustainable for you now.  I offer Private Sessions at your home, office or other arrangements can be made for a suitable facility. 

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After the Initial Consultation, Service Fees will be developed based on your individual needs, personalized services, location and number visits/duration of our work together.  In general, I prefer to schedule an initial 5 sessions that take place over 4 weeks, but I am open to one-off sessions with the committed practitioners looking for a tune-up or mentorship. 

Group Private Yoga Sessions (For 3 to 20 People) are available. Fees are based on an hourly rate. Additional fees apply for supplying props and for accommodating more students. 

Yoga for Trauma Resolution

My training and experience have given me insight into guiding with a special sensitivity to trauma and its symptoms. This work is extremely important in these trying times and I offer my expertise to assist individuals, therapists, medical professionals, and organizations that endeavor to heal from trauma by utilizing yogic mind-body practices and techniques. 

Yoga for Care Providers & First Responders

A holistic self-care practice is the foundation of resilient well-being with a balanced flow of compassion. This may seem obvious, but most helpers tend to put their needs last and feel guilty for taking extra time out of their busy schedules to exercise, meditate or have a massage. On the personal front, care providers and first responders may find it helpful to step-back and assess their life circumstances: Is there a balance between their care for others and self-care? Do they have access to regular exercise, non-work interests, personal debriefing? Are they caregivers to everyone or have they shut down and cannot give any more when they go home? Are they relying on alcohol, food, gambling, retail-therapy or any other quick but ultimately unsustainable fix? People who serve relentlessly must recognize that theirs is a demanding and special sort of work and their self-care might have to make accommodations for this. 


Spiritual Mentorship: Vedanta & Self-Study

Narayan offers satsang and mentoring grounded in the Advaita Vedanta tradition of nondual spiritual teachings. As a spiritual mentor, I want to help open the heart wherever you may feel blocked or confused and point you towards inner resources or outer ones to aide you on your personal spiritual path. I offer spiritual guidance, in one-on-one satsang sessions either in person, phone or video conference.

Healing Rituals

Worship and ritual are powerful ways for communities and individuals to heal and move beyond pain and suffering. There are many possible goals and structures for ritual art but in its essence, ritual offers all who enter an encouragement to pause at the sacred threshold of the divine and activate innate human emotional and intuitive capabilities that guide us back to wholeness. 

Yoga & Leadership : The Art of Functional Hierarchies

Who you are is how you lead, so who are you?