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Freelance Photography & Intel

I know there are a lot of amazing analytical editors and directors out there who need digital documentation and imagery in a variety of media and formats.

  • Digital
  • Embedded
  • Live-Stream Video

Collaborating with those who are not looking to hire someone merely to produce a sharp looking image— which these days almost anyone can do, is what I am after.  Let’s turn heads and open minds in the prolific visual market place.  Generic stock-photos do their thing , but there’s something soulful in the hand-crafted, small-batch flavor, Mmmmm.

I am available for editorial and commercial assignments anywhere you want to send me. My passport has many stamps, my background as a veteran and a monk make me resilient, and charm allows for a courtly grace that is on point and opens doors. My DSLR bag is packed, my iPhone is charged, my mp3 recorder is ready. Now call me

Web Journalist

Let's produce stories and projects we find interesting. I am most interested in forms of citizen and solutions journalism that are not merely sensationalizing the drama of the significance and harms of the 'case-side' of our turbulent, amazing and transformative times, but are motivated to tell the story on the solutions-side, the plan-side, the fiery ideation of real people in every facet of life and society that are making the hopeful effort, often idyllic, and regularly practical work that local and global community require. The process of disseminating news and information is changing and  fast. I noticed. I studied. I offers:

  • Community Journalism —
  • Investigative Journalism —
  • Multimedia Reporting —
  • News Writing
  • AP Style —
  • Photojournalism —Columns & Op Ed
  • Creative Story Ideas
  • Social Media — Proofreading —
  • Research & Fact-Checking

Tell your story. Contact the lead desk, Me.


Graphic Design

Where often Art engages one's pre-conceived notions about a problem and inspires new questions that explore our consciousness, design efforts to answers those questions. I have a range of experiences in the publishing and print industry that have supported individuals, companies, non-profits and news organizations:

  • Posters
  • Newsletters, Newspapers, Mags, Books
  • Ads, Branding & Identities
  • Websites

As my client, I will work directly with you and your desires and intentions to translate them into a design that reflects your convictions. Great design happens with passion and intelligence; as an empathic bibliophile and web crawling spider monkey, I bring plenty of both brains and heart. Let's work. Beginning with a consult? Hit me up!

A new story shall be written.